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Welcome to the Board - Table of Contents


Welcome to the Board Book Cover This was All About Boards first booklet and has quickly been embraced by the nonprofit community. In addition, several national nonprofit organizations and state associations have spread the word to their affiliates across the country. There are close to 10,000 in circulation. This booklet is designed to help you fulfill one of the most important and most neglected parts of your job as a not-for-profit leader - effective New Board Member Orientation.

Our experience has shown that most organizations do a reasonable job in sharing program information with new Board members, but lack a cost and time-effective way to teach them about "being a board member".

"Welcome to the Board" is not a dry "10 key responsibilities" list, but hits the priority issues you want your new members to understand. In only 15 pages plus a short glossary of not-for-profit terminology, a new board member can have a real feel for their role.

The Table of Contents

• Why Do Not-for-Profits have Boards?
• Overview of the Not-for-Profit Sector
• What do Not-for-Profit Boards Do?
• Key Differences Between Businesses and Not-for-Profits
• Are all Not-for-Profit Boards the same?
• What Will Be Expected of Me?
• What Authority Do I Have?
• Do I Really Have to Raise Money?
• What is “Conflict of Interest”?
• What is Serbahes-Oxley?
• Roles of Board and Staff
• The Board’s Relationship with the Chief Executive
• Communications with the Staff
• My Term is How Long?
• Common Board Conversations
• Creating Your Own Orientation
• Being ans Exceptional Board Member
• Board Self-Assessment
• Glossary of Not-for-Profit Terminology

Copies of the booklet ($8 list price) can be ordered for as little as $5-6 each in packs. If you are not completely satisfied, return the booklets with your comments on how we can improve our product and we will refund your purchase price.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions at: or (317) 577-4692 or P.O. Box 501245, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250