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Session 2 – Financial

Session 3 – Fundraising

Session 4 – Merging or Closing

Charitable Advisors Webinar Series

Our Organization is Sinking Fast… What Do We Do?

Session 4 - Merging or Closing


Topics & Presenters

How Does a Nonprofit Prepare for Merger? For Closure?

Tom Hutchinson
Tom Hutchinson is a member of Krieg DeVault’s Nonprofit and Health Care teams.  He regularly advises nonprofits on business issues, including merger strategies, joint ventures, and tax-exempt issues.  Tom received his BA from DePauw University and law degree from Indiana University School of Law.

How a Founder and His Board Decided to Merge

Christopher Maples
Chris Maples is the Founder and Director of Dads Inc. – a Division of The Villages of Indiana.  In 2009, Chris led Dads Inc., then an independent non-profit agency, through a merger with The Villages - Indiana’s largest child and family services agency - which became official on January 1, 2010.  Not coincidentally, 2010 turned out to be the most successful year in the 5 year history of Dads Inc.  Chris remains passionate about his work in engaging dads in the lives of their children, and he gets plenty of practice when he goes home to his wife and two little men every night.