Webinar Series

Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 – Financial

Session 3 – Fundraising

Session 4 – Krieg DeVault at Dad's Inc.

Charitable Advisors Webinar Series

Our Organization is Sinking Fast… What Do We Do?

There have been estimates that more than 100,000 nonprofits will close their doors as a result of the recent recession. No matter the circumstance, we must regret the serious impacts on clients and staff caused by an abrupt closing.

You are not alone if you are a staff or board leader bearing the burden to keep your nonprofit serving your clients, community, or patrons. In every community across America, there are dozens, even hundreds, of nonprofits that begin each month unsure about making it to the next.

This FREE webinar series was assembled to help both board and staff leaders, reluctant to publicly acknowledge trouble or to reach out for help, to gain a new perspective on their situation and move forward. Nine experienced nonprofit leaders and consultants volunteered their time and expertise to stimulate your thoughts about your current circumstance, and hopefully, help you find a path to action.

Session 1 – Introduction, Options, and Alternatives (Hear how Leadership Ventures made the tough decision, proactively, to close)

Session 2 – Understanding Our Financial Situation

Session 3 – Can We Fund Raise Our Way Out?

Session 4 – Legal Aspects of Merger, Combinations, Closing (Hear how Dad’s Inc. decided to merge)