Webinar Series

Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 – Financial

Session 3 – Fundraising

Session 4 – Merging or Closing

Charitable Advisors Webinar Series

Our Organization is Sinking Fast… What Do We Do?

Session 1: Introduction


Presenters and Topics

Encouraging nonprofits to explore collaborations, partnerships, mergers

Kim Donahue
Kim Donahue is the director of the Nonprofit Training Center of the United Way of Central Indiana. She is also the Central Region Director for the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, a program of the Indiana Association of United Ways.  Her focus is on helping nonprofits to develop and grow through training, technical assistance and consulting.

The Leadership Ventures Story -
Making the tough decision to close

Ruthie Purcell-Jones
Ruth Purcell-Jones has a passion for service that has led to a background of wide experience in the public and nonprofit sector.  She currently serves as a consultant  and coach with nonprofit leaders and organizations in building relationships, developing capacity and envisioning strategic possibilities.  She is the former President of Leadership Ventures where she led both organizationally focused and community wide initiatives to develop volunteer and professional leaders in the central Indiana nonprofit sector.  Ruth holds degrees in law and sociology and cherishes her life with her husband and four children.