Webinar Series

Session 1 – Introduction

Session 2 – Financial

Session 3 – Fundraising

Session 4 – Merging or Closing

Charitable Advisors Webinar Series

Our Organization is Sinking Fast… What Do We Do?

Session 3: Fundraising


Presenters and Topics

Will Donors Support an Organization in Financial Trouble?

Derrick Feldman
As CEO of Achieve, Derrick provides overall strategic direction for the work of the firm, clients, and partners. He is a regular contributor to nonprofit trade publications and speaker on fundraising, nonprofit management,  and strategy for organizations. 

How Should You Approach and Engage Foundations in Your Situation?

Liz Tate
Liz Tate is Vice President for Grants at Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).   In her role she oversees CICF’s annual grantmaking, which awarded grants totaling $35.7 million to 753 not-for-profits serving the central Indiana community and beyond in 2009.  In addition, her work focuses on aligning the foundation’s grantmaking with its three Community Leadership initiatives: College Readiness, Family Success and Inspiring Places, and the more than 300 families that use CICF as their charitable advisor.