Our Mission

Our Reason for Being is: "To support Nonprofit board and staff leadership in increasing the capacity of their organizations to respond to the needs of their constituencies and communities."
Bryan Orander

Posting in Cincy Not-for-Profit News

We are now in our sixth year publishing in Greater Cincinnati with more than 2,700 weekly subscribers. Standard job ads are only $125 for two weeks or $100 for one week in the newsletter, both include 4 weeks on the website. We will invoice you after posting. Submit ads to: CincyAds@notforprofitnews.com.

In the Fall of 2011, Charitable Advisors implemented a Nonprofit Job Board to provide our job advertisers with additional capabilities.

Why advertise with the Not-for-Profit News?
• Reach a targeted audience of nonprofit leaders and professionals - both high performing staff who are happy in their roles plus active job seekers.
• Use our new “unlimited posting length” to share about your organization and the position you are promoting.
• Our website attracts thousands of nonprofit professionals in Southeast Ohio, Northern KY and Indiana - plus people who wish to relocate here
• If desired, you can also post in the Indianapolis Not-for-Profit News. (Over 16,000 weekly subscribers)
• Check out our new “Candidate Screening Questions” option, now only $149 for a two week ad with the screening question feature.

All ads include 30 days on the Nonprofit Job Board at www.CharitableAdvisors.com unless you give us an earlier cutoff date. An invoice will be e-mailed after posting.
• 2 week Job posting, with candidate screening questions feature, in Cincy Not-for-Profit eNews ($149) - see more information below.
• 2 week Job posting in Cincy Not-for-Profit eNews ($125)
• 2 week posting in Indpls and Cincy eNewsletters ($200)
• 1 week Job posting in Cincy Not-for-Profit eNews ($100)
• 1 week posting in Indpls and Cincy eNewsletters ($175)

Submitting Your Job Ad:
Tip on writing a compelling job ad - Don’t get stuck in merely describing the job responsibilities and minimum qualifications. Put yourself in the place of the job seeker and think about what would motivate them to leave their current job and join your team. Talk about why they should be excited about working for your organization, the impact you are having, and how they will play a part in that important work.

You are welcome to continue to submit your ads in the old “single paragraph” format, but to get the most out of your ad and utilize the full capabilities of our job board database, we suggest you submit your ad in the following format:

1. Job Title, Organization Name, Full Time or Part-time
2. Salary and benefits, if desired
3. Two sentence organization/position introduction that appears in the NFP News with a link to the full length description
4. Organization Overview or Description
5. Position Duties
6. Position Qualifications
7. E-mail address and/or Mailing address for resume submission:
8. Resumes will be accepted through what date, if shorter than our 30 day standard? (Month/Date)

Submit ads to: CincyAds@NotforProfitNews.com – just include a note if you also want to run your ad in Indy, no need to submit it twice.

Optional Service: Candidate Screening Questions
Save resume review and candidate communications time – Your organization may have discovered that sending out questions for candidates to answer can assist in matching their experience to your needs but it extends the search timeline and takes a lot of administrative effort. Our system makes these questions part of the resume submission process so that you receive the resumes and question responses simultaneously. Plus, candidates who cannot answer the questions and, therefore, aren’t qualified, are less likely to apply.

If you request this service, we will send a sample list of questions for the type of position you are posting and request you to select or provide your own for a total of 4-7 questions to be included. Please allow adequate turnaround time to select questions and get your position posted in the next newsletter.

To Submit a Job Posting(cincyads@notforprofitnews.com) - You will be invoiced promptly.