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Finance for Every Board Member - Table of Contents


Finance BookletFinancial matters are too often relegated to the CPAs or finance professionals on the board. While it is great to have this expertise available, each board member needs to be familar with the organization's financial position. This easy-to-read booklet introduces many of the unusual concepts in not-for-profit accounting to enable even nonfinancial board members to feel comfortable asking questions and gaining a fuller understanding of their organization's financial picture.

Table of Contents

• Key Differences Between Businesses and Not-for-Profits
• Different Sources of Income and Expenses
• Why is a Budget so Important?
• What to Look for in Our Financial Reports?
• What are Clues to Poor Financial Management?
• Why Do We Need an Audit?
• What Do Funder’s Expect?
• What is Serbarhee-Oxley?
• What is "Conflict of Interest"?
• What Does the Finance Committee Do?
• What is the IRS Form 990?
• What is Accrual versus Cash-basis Accounting?
• Restricted versus Unrestricted Gifts
• What’s The Big Deal About Fund Accounting?
• We Have to Show Pledges as Income?
• How Do We Reduce the Likelihood of Theft or Fraud?
• Will We Lose our Not-for-Profit Status If We Run A Business?
• Is It Appropriate to Have a Financial Reserve?
• Managing Risks and Disaster Recovery
• Staffing the Accounting or Financial Office
• Sharing Services or Outsourcing
• Buying Nonprofit Financial Software
• Glossary of Not-for-Profit Terminology

Copies of the booklet ($8 list price) can be ordered for as little as $5-6 each in packs. If you are not completely satisfied, return the booklets with your comments on how we can improve our product for a complete refund.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions at: or (317) 577-4692 or P.O. Box 501245, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250