Our Mission

Our Reason for Being is: "To support Nonprofit board and staff leadership in increasing the capacity of their organizations to respond to the needs of their constituencies and communities."
Bryan Orander

Board Assessment

Step Back and Reflect, then Act!

Self-examination can feel like a low priority, but whether it seems important to you or not, your funders and donors expect your board to regularly examine and enhance how you work. Our process is designed to make it quick and easy while creating a positive learning experience for everyone involved. And, it takes less than 30 days from start to finish. We see our approach as the best for these reasons:

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Step 1 Review “Considering a Board Self-Assessment” in a board meeting or e-mail to board members to highlight the key roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board.

Step 2 Purchase the Assessment on this site. Only $325 for up to 20 members $375 for more than 20 members Sorry, no discounts on assessments.

Step 3 Our representative will contact you to get e-mail addresses, be sure you understand the process, and answer any questions you might have.

Step 4 We will distribute the survey and follow-up, by e-mail, with board members who have not responded.

Step 5 You receive three reports: A) The Overview, in PowerPoint™, of the results from the survey for easy presentation or e-mailing to board members; B) Raw data report with bar charts of board member responses; C) Raw data report of CEO/Executive Director responses. We suggest that a sub-group of the board review all results prior to presentation to the full board.

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